ICAI Campus Placement 2013 – Why is the placement % falling?

Below analysis shows comparison of ICAI campus placement programme vis a vis few other placement programme and whether ICAI should relook at it to improve back the huge drop in % of placements.

% of jobs offered in the campus has decreased from 40 to 10 % in last 5 years. Read this post for a full analysis on placement % in last 5 years.

Note: All data is compiled from publicly available documents


  • Given the low no. of placement by ICAI, fees charged for hiring candidates is higher and may be a big factor in discouraging new companies coming to campus
  • Almost equal fee is charged to CA Firms coming to campus. CA Firms higher a huge no. of candidates out of campus and if a nominal fee / or zero fee is charged from CA Firms, placement % can improve a lot.
  • Fee structure should be a mix of fixed and variable, so that companies looking to hire one or two candidates are also interested in coming to campus placements.
  • ICAI should strengthen its placement team and form a bridge with students. A platform where students can put forward their thoughts and requirement is very helpful in improving the placement process.

Placement Programme 2013 (Aug-Sep)

ICAI campus placement programme is starting in August – September 2013. Last date of registration for students willing to participate in placement programme is 19th August 2013.

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Comparison of fees charged in campus placement

Table of charges to be paid by recruiter for participating in placement programme:

Fees per centre per day

  Day Premier Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Subsequent Days
Corporate 6,00,000 5,00,000 3,50,000 2,50,000 1,25,000 75,000
CA Firms 6,00,000 5,00,000 3,50,000 2,50,000 1,00,000 40,000
  • Additional fees for written test and psychometric test
  • Minimum CTC to be offered: CA Firms – 3,00,000; Other entities – 4,00,000

There should be no reason for requiring minimum CTC from the recruiter if candidates are willing to join. Only impact this rule makes is, it helps in maintaining the average CTC offered.

 Charges imposed by few other institutes in their placement programme:

  • Top MBA schools in India like IIM and ISB charge a fixed fee and a variable fee.
  • Fixed fee on day 1, 2 ranges between 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 and variable fee ranges between 75,000 to 1,50,000
  • Few MBA schools exempts following type of organizations from placement charges:
    • Not for profit organizations and non government organizations (NGOs)
    • Start-up companies (Less than two years since incorporation)
    • Public sector companies
    • Companies visiting campus for the first time and extending more than THREE offers which are accepted

Placement Process

Placement process in most of the MBA schools is a interactive process and students join the management team to help in understanding the student requirement. Management also keeps in constant touch with alumni which also helps in better placements.

ICAI placements are completely handled by management. Though a central interaction between students and management is not possible in CA due to lack of classroom structure but there could be ways to start a dialogue between students and placement team which will help in understanding the students requirement. ICAI is also not able to leverage upon biggest alumni base of 2,00,000 + members. If properly handled alumni base can be the biggest asset in achieving a 100% placement result.

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    Pankaj Goel

    really very good comparison and good suggestions to improve ..This is the main area to work upon.




    Thanks for your comment Pankaj.

    The real problem is who will work upon this. ICAI management being in hands of practicing CA’s, no body is interested to focus on the placements.



    Man the high fees is the real reason bloody nobody will pay that much for hiring good candidates, someone sue the institute its not profit making body and crossing all the limits



    Yes hitesh, this is the real problem but nobody understands and takes any action.



    ICAI should stop charging so high fees in campus placements.



    Its really sad that d CA Institute is busy minting money at the enpense of us students….not realizing how badly this is effecting our careers and the image of this prestigious institute!



    yes it’s sad, but another point is what we are trying to do about it.

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