All set for your first day at job? Here are some essential tips!

After passing through one of the best phases of life – the college life and being placed in a company, it is natural for anyone to start imagining yourself sitting in the space allotted to you in a beautiful office. The breeze of pride will blow past, as you will look back and see the result of the years of hard work put in during school and college days. Your next big aim will be to make a name for yourself in the first company you join. And yes, it is much needed. As the first impression for your boss and the team matter, it is important that you adjust quickly to the work environment. Adjusting quickly makes a statement to your boss that you are a quick learner and also can adapt with a new team within no time. The best practice to follow is to know a few easy steps in advance to make the transition smoother, so that the first few days will turn out to be great for you, and ultimately, the rest.

Film the big day inside you

The first thing is to imagine the big day, when you will be stepping into the company and taking up a job that will transform your career. Gain the positive energy and believe that the things are in place. Build your confidence level. Believe that you are ready to take up the task and learn whatever is put in front of you. You will definitely have a lot of things to learn, both positive and negative – which will not only be helpful for your professional life, but your personal life too. Visualizing the surroundings prior to the entry sets you in the comfort zone when the real day arrives.

Collect the required information in prior

There are instances where people even do not know the way to reach the company and they may end up creating a bad image for themselves on the first day, by reaching late. It is very important to know the route that has to be taken to reach the company. You have the internet to make sure of this. If the company has arranged a hotel for you to stay, make sure that you also inquire if they have arranged transport to reach the workplace on the first day. The best practice is to be in touch with somebody in the company who can guide you regarding this. Also make sure of whom to meet and which department to visit first.

Check the Documents

Make sure that you remember to carry the documents which the company wants. Remember that you are nothing on the first day without these documents. This is everything that people from the security, at the entrance gate to your going-to-be manager needs. Arrange them neatly inside a file so that it will be easy to take them out when needed.

Be on time

A fresher has to follow this point to have a good beginning. By reaching on time, he gets additional time to find out the answers for a lot of questions that may crop up once he reaches the company.  You will also have enough time to ask and find your way to the person whom you are supposed to meet first. Be sure that you are patient enough with the security staffs and the receptionists and talk to them politely so that they may guide you to the right places.

first day on the job

First Point of contact

In most of the companies, the first point of contact is usually someone from the Human Resource department. They may verify the documents you carry and also provide you few details regarding the company. Don’t hesitate to ask them whatever questions you have and aim to structure your conversation in such a way that you remain friends with these people as long as you are in the company. This will be really helpful in the long run.

The Paperwork part

This includes filling the documents that the company wants you to, such as insurance and other benefits, opening bank account for your salary transactions, obtaining Identity card etc. You may also be asked to submit the documents such as Passport, Pan Card ad Election ID. The most important thing to keep in mind is to clear all your doubts before signing on any of the documents. Read them carefully and get a clear understanding before you do so.

Know the company and what it can do for you

This is really important from the company’s point of view. The new faces will have an Induction to make them aware of the details regarding the company that the employees need to know. You will be explained everything regarding what the company does, areas that it operates in, recognitions that it has got and many other details. This will be followed by a session in which you will come to know about the extra benefits that the company provides you if any. You may also be given a brochure which contains all the details of the company. Read it and shoot out questions if you have any.

Start building relationships

It is said that a healthy environment exists when you have some healthy relationships around. This is exactly right at this point of time. Building good relationships within the team and outside puts you at ease on a lot of things. The co-operation and involvement that you get from the team members is always large in case of a good relationship with these people. You also get to learn a lot by discussing various challenges that you faced during work. A suggestion that may solve the equation can always come out of a group.

Get a desk

You are all set and ready to enter the war field. What awaits you here is a Computer. The first thing to take care of is to get a username and password for the system from the concerned person. Make sure that the system works smoothly. Get to know that the locations where the files and folders that you require are installed.

Knowledge of the mail system

As the communication through email is very important in the corporate world, it is essential that you need to have a basic knowledge about this system. Get tips on the mail system that your company provides you. The most basic ideas include how to draft a good mail, what happens when you “reply all”, the purpose of adding people in “cc” and “bcc” while sending a mail and so on.  A mistake in sending a mail to the wrong hands is always an unwanted headache.

Know the premises

It is important that you know the premises where you work in. Take a stroll, and get to know the location of various facilities within the campus. Ask people in order to avoid confusion. A better knowledge means better access to places and this in turn saves time.

Talk to your Manager

Get to know your manager on the first day. Tell him what your interests are, and what you are best at doing. This is important because you may have various modules in a project and communicating your strengths in prior may help you choose the right module. Most often people fail to communicate this, and end up being unsatisfied about the task that they are allocated. Remember that it may take some time to come out, once you are tagged to a particular task.  Some quick action in the beginning can prevent this and make your work interesting. Also ask your manager if you want any training regarding the task that you are allotted.

Get to Action

Start you work as soon as the above steps are done. Put yourself completely into the task and try to understand the purpose of it, before working on it. Get the help of seniors in case of any doubts. Try to give perfection, as your first task will be always noted. Do no not get disheartened if you have made a mistake and in turn, learn from them. Remember, that the path ahead for you is that of learning. Involve yourself into all the aspects of the job and train yourself, to bring out the talented professional inside you.

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