Failure Improves the Taste of Victory..!!!

After the declaration of Result of Chartered Accountancy examinations, there are a few happy faces of candidates who’ve managed to clear the exams. Their hard work has been rewarded and they are all charged up for a good career ahead. My heartiest congratulations to all the newly qualified chartered accountants. Keep up your high spirits.

But after the results of every CAexams there are many sad faces as well of candidates who’ve failed to clear their exams. With passing percentages of CA exams being too low, very few candidates manage to clear their exams and the rest are declared as failed.

Generally, a high proportion of the candidates who appear for such exams are those who’ve been excellent in their career record throughout; and when they face failure, they get shattered. Many candidates get de-motivated and get depressed about their failing an exam in life. They start blaming their luck and think that such professional courses are not for them. And this is where they go wrong.

You have to accept the fact that passing percentage of such exams cannot be 100%. The regulating bodies cannot declare everyone as pass. But, they never fail anyone. It’s only that they give you another chance to try again. They give you another chance to buckle-up and try again the next time. If they had to fail you – they would never give you another chance to try again.

Failure is not falling down; failure is staying down when you have the choice to get back up.

Failure is not falling down

Sometimes in life you need to fall a little harder to fly a little higher..!!!  🙂 🙂

Here are some interesting quotes on failure:-

  1. Don’t let success go to your head or failure go to your heart.
  2. Success delayed is not success denied.
  3. The greatest failure in life is the failure to try again.
  4. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  5. Nobody in this world ever achieved anything by giving up.

What Things To Do To Make You Feel Alright

1) Learn to accept the fact.

You cannot move on when you cannot accept the truth that you really did not make it. You will just keep on blaming yourself and other people for the unpleasant results of your examination. This is not healthy because it would result to too much depression. It is not right to torture yourself just because you cannot believe that your efforts are still not enough to get that passing score. The earlier you accept the fact and start working for the next attempt the better it will be for you.


2) Be Strong.

It takes courage and deep strength to overcome the overwhelming feelings of frustrations when you fail an examination. You should help yourself by staying strong by neglecting all the negative feelings brought by the disappointments. You should be strong not just for yourself but also for the people who believe in you. You can get from them the strength you need most to overcome the unbearable feelings.

3) Be Optimistic.

Success is for those people who never quit. You should look forward for good things to happen ahead of you. You should tell yourself that a failed examination may give you bad days but not bad life. You are pursuing one of the toughest course  on this earth. This gives you a proud inner sense.

failure and success

4) Pray for enlightenment.

God’s embrace is the most comforting thing you can have during dark days. Do not forget to pray for His enlightenment believing that He will grant you whatever your heart’s desire if you will just open your mind that He has better plans for you.

5)Keep Trying

It is up to you on how would deal with life’s reality but it is not right to judge yourself that one failure is enough to make you quit. You should keep on trying. Some people say, the harder you get something you really want grants you the feeling of complete fulfillment.

How to Start Afresh

1) stay away from negative people and negative thought. If you are not comfortable with any topic or subject then think and figure out a plan to deal with the problem. Remember only you can design a plan for yourself because you are well aware of your strength and weaknesses. Correct approach is to prepare a strategy to deal with the subject or topic not amongst your favourite, rather than running from the subject or topic.

2) keeping in view your previous exam experience prepare a proper study plan and study according to the same.

3) Prepare a revision schedule and follow the same strictly. One of the main reasons of failure is lack of revision. Also review your revision schedule after a certain period and modify the same accordingly.

4) Do not change the books and notes quickly. Stick to the notes and books used from the very beginning. After completion of them you may refer other notes for practice purpose.

5) Also refer ICAI study as it contains the entire course at one place. Further it is advisable to refer Study for some topics which are important form exam point of view but never asked in exam.

6) Discuss the topics with your friend for better grip. Well this point is very important for that student who complains about their weak memory. Do not dare to ignore the importance of this point.

7) In CA and CS Exams Compilers plays an important role. So it is advisable to complete your compilers with the help of ICSI Guidelines or ICAI Suggested answers of previous exams, as the case may be.

8) During second time study—you must be aware of the important topics so prepare some effective and to the point short notes. Refer them later during revision.

9) Prepare short notes for frequently asked questions and revise them properly. In second attempt it is your duty not to leave anything from your course. In short give a proper reading to all the topics or at least discuss them within your friend circle for a better grip.

10) Last but not the least has faith in your abilities. I know you can do it. Forget the last negative result as it was just a matter of time and was there to give you a message for your whole life.


This message can be read as under: “Don’t be afraid of failure…and keep up the positive energy and keep Moving towards your goal. You will definitely succeed one day.”

If others can do it you can do it as well.

So fasten your belts and work harder..!! 🙂 🙂

Few of my favorite quotes:





Best wishes and regards..!!

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