ICAI Placement 2013 August – September Analysis

ICAI Placement Analysis 2013

ICAI placement 2013 August-September concluded with a lot of fanfare in the print media. You can see newspapers like Hindu and TOI with the information that ICAI placements going high beating the slow down.

But what is the truth?

Let’s have a look

Students who cleared CA Examination8,000

Students who registered for campus4,800

Its not that all students not appearing in campus have already got a job, only a handful of students are able to get a job out of campus by themselves. Most of the students not applying for campus are multiple attempt students who think that they will not be able to get a job in the campus due to very low % of placements.

No. of jobs offered624 

No. of companies58

So no. of jobs offered to registered ratio stands at mere 13%.

Highest salary offered24.46 Lakhs

Highest salary was offered by Al Ghanim Industries for an international posting. This is a really low no. for an international posting.

Comparison with previous years…

% of jobs offered in Feb-Mar 2013 stood at 12%; so this time it was almost equal to previous the previous placement.

Following chart shows the placement trends over past 5 years.

Chart 1

See this post for placement analysis of past 5 years

Why are placements so low

Well that’s and interesting question.

For past few placement seasons no. of companies participating has not crossed 60, ICAI should improve its efforts to increase and promote new companies to participate in campus placements.

See this post on of the reasons of low placements in campus

Another important point to notice is a huge increase in no. of students passing the CA Examination which for sure is not in line with industry demand clearly shown by the falling placements.

ca final past result


All information is compiled using publicly available material.


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