CA CPT Dec 2014 Question Paper with Answer Key

CA cpt dec 2014 question paper

CPT Question paper and Answer key for June 2014 is now available…. This time we are sharing Memory based paper issued by two institutes (Masterminds and Vidya Sagar) Accounts and Maths this time was reported as difficult by many students. ——————————————————————————- Share to download the paper Masterminds Vidyasagar ——————————————————————————– CA CPT Question Paper Dec 2014 with Answer Key […]

Dummies guide to service tax

Dummies Guide to Service Tax - Frustated Man

After a wonderful evening with your friends at the cool new joint, you wonder how your bill has added up to a different amount. On reading the fine print, you see various components like VAT, Service Tax that amount to double digits and if your bill is in the four figures then it is an additional […]

5 Classic Money Mistakes You Must Avoid in the 20s


The 20s, being a transition period from young adults to mature adults, is marked with unmatched energy, zeal to move ahead and prove one’s point to the world. This is also the time when you start understanding the responsibilities ahead in life and owning up to them. You are ready to take up challenges, but sometimes struggle on […]

How to Apply for Mutual Funds Online

buy mutual funds online

Online is the way to go these days. Be it transferring money to your loved ones, booking movie tickets, railway tickets or simply shopping for your clothes or household things, everything can happen with just the click of the button. But when it comes to investments, we still lag behind. We do it traditional way. […]

How to File a Revised Return

how to file a revised return

Filing a revised income tax return, how and why As a law abiding citizen, it is your duty to pay taxes to the government. But your responsibility doesn’t stop here. In addition to paying taxes, you have to provide details regarding the income earned during the year and taxes paid on the same in the […]

What is the Right Age to Buy Life Insurance?


Life is full of uncertainties. Right savings done at the right time can help you meet emergency expenses and unforeseen circumstances. Life Insurance is one of the best ways to plan your life savings as well as securing your life and that of your loved ones. But how would you determine when is the right […]

Online application for PAN Card – All you need to know

How to apply for pan card

When it comes to applying for a PAN Card, every common man in India have many a number of doubts. Is it compulsory that I should have a pan card even if I am not an Income tax payee? How do I apply for one? Is the application mode available both online and offline? Can […]