Your Guide to Digital Signature

What is digital signature

Electronic signature is any type of electronic data that can be used as a signature. Let’s first understand the type of electronic signatures. Click Signature: This refers to when we press submit button after payment for confirmation in an online purchase. This is like signing a document, but done digitally. Typed Signature: There are digital […]

What is VAT & Registration Process

Value Added Tax

VAT or Value Added Tax has replaced the General Sales Tax, which is a tax on the consumption of a service or on the value added to a product or service. VAT is used to generate tax revenue to the Government. Unlike Sales Tax, this is levied on the value added services like packaging, handling […]

Should I Take an Education Loan?


What would you do if you want to  pursue education from Indian Institute of Management, London School of Economics or Harvard Business School, but don’t have enough funds to sponsor it? Well, an educational loan could you be your saviour! What is an Education Loan? An education loan or a student loan is a loan […]

How to Pass CA Exam In First Attempt

how to pass ca exams

Every CA student has this question that how he /she can clear CA exams. Infact how to prepare for CA CPT, CA IPC and CA Final are few of the most visited posts of this website. This is a lengthy post but if you read it till end, I am sure you will gain something… […]

What is TAN and how to Apply for TAN no.

What is TAN no.

What is TAN? A Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number (TAN) is a unique 10 digit number with an alphanumeric combination, allotted by the Income Tax Department. As per the section 203A of the Income Tax Act 1961, any person liable to TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and TCS (Tax Collection at Source) needs to […]

Types of Life Insurance Plans – Term vs Traditional

types of life insurance

Broadly there are two types of life insurance plans – Term and Traditional Deciding on the correct life insurance plan depends on various factors like long-term or short-term planning, age, number of dependents, investment requirements, etc. Life insurance being an important aspect of financial planning needs market research and understanding of the terms and conditions […]