CA mock test are important says November 2012 Topper

“CA Mock Test helped me in writing in writing and time management” – Prema Jayakumar in her article in ICAI Journal (July 2013)

Preparation Strategy

“Before starting preparation for the exam, I had prepared time-table for each subject. There should be enough time for revision as well. Institute materials like Practice Manual and RTP helped me a lot while preparing for the exam. Various examples given in Practice Manual increase our anlaytical thinking.” Prema Jayakumar

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FAQ about mock tests

Question: When should I start taking mock tests?

Answer: Mock tests can be started once you have completed your syllabus and at least one revision is done. This will help you in having an actual experience of paper and also know about your improvement areas.

Question: I don’t have time to complete the syllabus then don’t you think mock test are waste of time?

Answer: Mock test do consume your time so it may feel that it is a waste of time, but this is not true. Mock tests are a rehearsal of actual exams and help you in practicing time management and exam pressure. With that the comments you receive from the checked copies of mock test also let you improve yourself in those areas.

Question: Where should I take mock tests?

Answer: It is not necessary to take mock tests from any test provider, you can take mock tests even by solving previous year question papers. Important thing here is who is checking your copy? If you can get your copy checked by any senior who has passed out CA then it is good as only such a person can tell you the areas of improvement. Otherwise you can take mock tests from the test providers.

Question: ICAI also takes mock test papers, then why should I take mock tests with test providers?

Answer: ICAI provides only answer sheet of the papers you have given and not the checked answer sheets. So you actually miss the whole benefit of mock tests without actually getting to know your improvement areas.

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