Why should you take mock tests for CA Exams

Before understanding how mock test papers can help, lets understand and compare the CA course with other few (like engineering and MBA)

Entry vs. Exit Courses

We can divide these courses in two broad types

Entry Course: These are the examinations in which entrance is very difficult but once you enter rest is easy (pass rate is more than 99%)

Example —> CAT, IIT, Medical

Exit Course: Entry is easy but exit is difficult and pass rate is less than 20%.

Example —> CA, CS, CMA, CFA


First types of courses (entry course) follow classroom study approach whereas second types of course follow correspondence study (with practical training in most cases)

Now this lack of classroom study is root cause of the low result % in CA.

Student in CA keep on studying (self study or coaching classes) without understanding what is actually required in real examinations. Also due to continuous period of study students lack revisions and do not perform in real examinations.

How do Mock tests help in better preparation?

  • Mock tests help students by giving an opportunity to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations.
  • Examination is a pressure situation, and if one has already been through such pressure situations by way of mock examinations it is much easier in real examination
  • Timing is also a very important factor in the examination. If there is a well laid plan on how to approach the paper, 50% work is already done. Mock tests give the repetitive set of the exam situation and help in laying out that plan required for the examination.

How to write the winning paper?

  • Tests papers should be written with following thing in mind
  1. Examiner…. yes the person who is going to check your copy
  2. How much time he gets to check —5 to 7 minutes
  3. How he checks the copy — by seeing the answer sheet issued by ICAI (In most of the cases persons checking the copy are not subject matter experts)
  • If we keep above things in mind then first thing a student should keep in mind while writing answers is that he is not there to explain the answer to examination. So the presentations should be such that it is really easy for the examiner to understand
  • Answers should be to the point (Answer only what is required?)

How do mock test papers help in writing a good paper?

Mock test examiner can tell the students about their shortcomings.

  • Was the preparation good enough?
  • Was he able to understand the way answers were written
  • What improvements are required in the presentation

Major mistakes by students in exams?


Most of these mistakes can be overcome with the help of Mock test papers.

What some of our students say about their Mock Test Paper Experience?

“Mock test papers give the same experience as real paper and helps a lot in the preparation – Anupam”

“Mock test papers have helped me improve my presentation to a great extent – Chandan”


Sample (checked mock test paper)


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