CV Format for Freshers

CV is your key to be able to reach to the interview stage. It makes the first impression to the interviewer and you should try your best, not to make it the last impression. Interviewer has just 2 to 3 minutes to look at your CV and decide whether to call you for the interview.

A well written CV will make you stand out of the crowd and will bring you closer to the interview stage. CV format for freshers is bit different then experienced individuals as freshers have no or very less experience, so focus is on your qualification and other achievements

What is the difference between CV and a Resume

Resume is a concise document (generally not more than one page) which is to give a specific highlight from the experience of the individual. Resume helps in keeping interviewer engaged as it is crisp and less time taking.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a more detailed document and can go above two pages as well. It contains detailed experience summary as well other information like awards, publications etc.

Most of the times Resume and CV are used interchangeably for all general purposes; so you need not worry about the difference and should concentrate on making an effective summary of your experience.

CV format for freshers

Points to be kept in mind while preparing your CV

  • Keep the format clean; when a person looks at your CV, he should be willing to read it further. Keep proper margin on all sides. Do not use any colors to highlight or as background. Grey color can be used as a background for headings.
  • Include a profile snapshot on the top. This helps in giving an idea of your experience in first glance. Forex. “Rank holder Chartered Accountant with good exposure in Internal audit in Banking Industry”. You can tweak this headline to match the job applied and your experience.
  • Do not overstate your experience, write what you have done actually and what you know thoroughly.
  • Make your experience in bullet points to make it easily readable.
  • Highlight achievements separately in the experience.
  • You can bold certain keywords like type of work you have done (Statutory audit, taxation, special assignments), or any noteworthy clients.
  • For freshers, if you don’t have to write much on the experience than summarize your CV in one single page, you should not go beyond two pages in any case.
  • Many a times person shortlisting the CV’s (like consultants) may not have a detailed knowledge of job field; So always put in key words mentioned in the job description in to your CV. Forex… If job requires working on US GAAP then you should clearly mention that you have worked on US GAAP and bold this key word.
  • While writing about your interests / hobbies, mention only those things which your really like to do and are real hobbies. Don’t write things like watching movies or listening to music even just for the sake of writing.
  • Convert your CV in pdf format before sending it to recruiter (if any other format is not asked specifically).

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How not to make your CV

What are the major errors in the above two CV’s / Resume?

  • More than half of the first page is covered with useless details, first show what is required (crisp education detail and experience)
  • Objective if any should not be more than 2 lines.
  • Academic Qualification should be pushed after experience.
  • Only one email and one contact no. is enough.
  • Formatting is not pleasing to the eye.
  • Font size should be 11 or 12. No need to bold complete CV, only keywords should be bold.

CV format for Freshers

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